Bush GSA Director Lurita Doan on Current GSA Spending: “You See Within Obama Administration a Culture of Excess… It’s a Crime” (Video)

The former GSA Director under President Bush Lurita Doan told Greta Van Susteren that she was wary of the numbers the Obama Administration has given the press.

I don’t trust their numbers. I’d be a little bit wary of them. Because I’ve often seen with the Obama White House is that they pick and choose which numbers they will represent. And some of those numbers look fairly large but they also could represent a federal, state and local gathering of officials. And most of the GSA conferences often have as many as 10,000 folks whereas the event that was in Las Vegas only had 300… You see within the Obama Administration you really see what seems to be a culture of excess… It is a crime. It is an absolute shame.

It’s criminal.

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