British Troops Discover Bomb-Making Mosque – Seize 250 Kg of Explosives

What a surprise.
British troops helped seize 250 kilograms of explosives at a bomb factory hidden within a Afghan mosque.

Some of the bomb-making components seized following the operation in Helmand. (EDP24)

EDP24 reported, via ROP:

Troops from the recently-deployed Norfolk-based Light Dragoons have helped seize 250kg of explosives at a bomb factory hidden in a mosque in Afghanistan.

The surprise raid, using Chinook helicopters, forced insurgents to flee before they could arm booby traps surrounding the weapons factory, leaving their freshly-made tea and flip-flops behind.

The Dragoons are part of the Brigade Reconnaissance Force (BRF), which discovered the weapons cache in the Hyderabad area of Helmand province while supporting Afghan soldiers in the operation.

About 300 Light Dragoons, based at the Robertson Barracks in Swanton Morley, near Dereham, have just started their six-month deployment to the war-torn country.

The soldiers were deployed by Chinook helicopter following intelligence reports that a mosque was being used as an improvised explosive device factory, and found equipment including a large number of pressure plates and other bomb-making components.

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