Anti-Semitic Terror-Supporting Group Says Michelle Obama Told Them to “Keep Up the Great Work”

Code Pink and the far left has had a long relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood terror group.
They held a joint anti-Mubarak protest together back in 2008.

“It’s the same case.”
In 2008 Cindy Sheehan, representing Code Pink, equated her son’s death in Iraq to the imprisonment of Muslim Brotherhood members in Egypt.

The terrorist supporters of the anti-Semitic Code Pink said Michelle Obama told them this week to “Keep up the good work!”
Carla Marinucci at SFGate reported, via Free Republic:

First Lady Michelle Obama, accepting an anti-war petition at a fundraiser in San Francisco last week, told the CodePink member who presented her with 20,000 signatures, ”Keep up the great work,” the organization’s co-founders say.
CodePink co-founder Medea Benjamin wrote a blogpost today about the First Lady’s visit. In it, she related what she said happened behind the scenes when Kristin Hull, a CodePink supporter – one who paid to get into the $500 a head fundraiser – personally met up with Michelle Obama at the California Academy of Sciences last Friday.
After Hull handed Mrs. Obama a petition urging peacekeeping not war with Iraq — a document signed by luminaries like Gloria Steinham, Alice Walker and Eve Ensler – ”Ms. Obama thanked Hull for her advocacy and said, “Keep up the great work,” writes Benjamin. “As Hull was walking away after her photo with the First Lady, Michelle Obama grabbed her hand, squeezed it and said, “We really need you.”

We’ve been in touch with another CodePink activist co-founder, Jodie Evans, who also related the story, via email.

San Francisco Chronicle comrade Joe Garofoli, the pool reporter for the Obama event, wrote about the presentation of the petition to Mrs. Obama during the fundraiser. But he was not allowed to shoot video and was escorted inside only to hear the First Lady’s 22-minute address.

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