Whoa! Christians Hold Huge Protest Against Obama’s HHS Mandate… In San Francisco

Wow!… They didn’t expect this…
When the Obama Administration attacked religious freedom in America with their new HHS mandate they certainly didn’t expect to see a Christian revolt… In San Francisco!

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The City Square reported:

President Obama’s attempt to use Obamacare to crush religious freedom is provoking a backlash even in San Francisco where Christians organized a massive rally on Friday against Obamacare’s mandates.

Up until now, the TEA party, a secular group, has been the central force defending freedom against Obama’s governmental power grabs. If this rally is an indication, religious groups may form a second front in this war for freedom.

Since Christianity values charity, many Christians have supported Democrats and their government welfare state. Obama has demonstrated however the danger in this ill-conceived alliance. The massive power of a Federal welfare state is a threat to religion and religious values. It is not just the outrage of the government requiring Catholics to pay for abortifacients and the possibility that this may force the nationwide network of Catholic charity hospitals to close. Obama’s stated goal of giving old people aspirins instead of medical care is also a clear violation of Christian conscience.

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