UNHINGED LIB Screams at Mitt Romney in StL Rope Line: “Quit Killing People!… You F**king Chickenhawk!” (Video) …Update: Can You Identify This Goon?

An unhinged leftist verbally assaulted Mitt Romney today at his campaign stop in Kirkwood, Missouri.
Then he had the gall to post the video himself. What a complete loon.

“End the wars Romney. Quit killing innocent people. You f**king chickenhawk!… Get your f**king hands off me! Shut the f**k up!”

The youtube account belongs to johnyshocker.
It is the only video on the account.


UPDATE: A Romney supporter sent photos of the foul-mouthed leftist heckler.
Please help us identify this goon.

Here he is screaming profanities at Governor Romney.
(Kenny Bahr of KFB Photography)

And here he is confronting a Romney supporter.
If you know who this man is leave a comment or send an email. We’d like to ask him a few questions.
(Kenny Bahr of KFB Photography)

UPDATE: Here’s another photo of the indecent leftist.

And, Brent wrote in. He swear’s his name is Radar O’Reilly. I’m not so sure.

UPDATE:JohnnyShocker” has an account on dating on POF online dating service:

His chemistry profile says he is someone who has little control over his actions.
No kidding.

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