Top Industry Leader: Obama Is Most Anti-Business President in My Lifetime

Gary Shapiro, the president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), wrote today,
“President Obama is the most anti-business president in my lifetime.”

Obama Unemployment Lines Hat Tip Roy

FOX News reported:


Our nation’s top challenge is the economy. Simply put, the economy is not producing enough jobs.

We are in the midst of the longest stretch of high unemployment since the Great Depression. These jobless Americans receive an array of social services from Medicaid to unemployment to welfare.

Today some half of all Americans receives government benefits and about half of Americans don’t pay federal income taxes.

More jobs would mean more government tax revenue and less government spending. More jobs would lower the federal deficit and build a better nation for our children.

So our challenge is simple: how can we get more jobs? After two stimulus packages, “cash for clunkers,” first time homebuyers’ tax credit, payroll tax holidays and Bush-era tax cut extensions, it may be dawning on both Republicans and Democrats that these strategies are simply adding to the deficit but don’t constitute a long-term job strategy. More, we will have to tax future generations to pay for our short-lived sugar highs of higher spending or lower taxes.

Now I don’t fault anyone, including Republicans, for wanting lower taxes. I don’t fault Democrats for their well-intentioned belief that government spending creates anything more than temporary jobs based on borrowed funds.

I admire President Obama’s equanimity, genuine concern for our future and passionate view about the positive role of government. He is also a likeable leader and has performed admirably in many ways beyond what his limited experience in executive roles would suggest.

But I believe the Obama administration has hurt job creation in two big ways:

First, President Obama himself is the most anti-business president in my lifetime. With rhetoric not befitting a president he has attacked oil companies, banks, airplane users, Wall Street and anyone who makes money. Yet, he seems to forget that if you are making money you are in the best position to create jobs.

When the president of the United States is using the bully pulpit to excoriate business at every turn and push the 99 and one percent rhetoric, he is leading by dividing. CEOs are understandably reluctant to invest and hire when they believe the nation’s CEO is out to get them.

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