St. Louis Jewish Fraternity Members Find Swastikas Keyed On Their Cars

A Swastika keyed into Wash U student’s truck (Photo: Ellen Futterman of St. Louis Jewish Light)

Members of a Washington University fraternity found swastikas keyed on their vehicles recently.
KSDK reported:

University City police are investigating after swastikas were found on vehicles at a Jewish fraternity house at Washington University.

Members of Zeta Beta Tau returned last from Spring Break and found their cars vandalized.

University City Police Captain Michael Ransom said four cars were hit. All four vehicles had slashed tires, two of those cars had paint scratched.

Photos published in the St. Louis Jewish Light show swastikas keyed onto a truck.

Captain Ransom said the vandalism may have happened on Thursday or Friday.

The Executive Director of Campus Life Mike Hayes said he thinks some students are alarmed, but believe it was an isolated incident.

View the video below the fold.



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