Big Update: MYSTERY DATA MINING COMPANY REVEALED – Dem Group Ran Illegal Robocalls for “Women of 99%” in 25 US Districts & 12 States (Developing)

Late last week a shady liberal group (they don’t even have a website) calling themselves the “Women of the 99% “ made tens of thousands of illegal robocalls across the US attacking Rush Limbaugh and Republican lawmakers in battleground districts.

Here is one of the robocalls that is running in Wisconsin.

Thanks to Meg Ellefson for capturing this call and sending this in.

The calls were placed in at least 25 Congressional districts in at least 12 different states across the US.

* This map has changed some due to redistricting after the 2010 census.

Here is the (growing) list of the districts where the illegal robocalls were made:

Coffman (CO-06)
Heck (NV- 03)
Denham (CA-10)
Lungren (CA-03)
Biggert (IL-13)
Schilling (IL-17)
Dold (IL-10)
Benishek (MI-01)
Renacci (OH-16)
Walsh (IL-08)
Ribble (WI-08)
Tipton (CO-03)
Webster (FL-10)
Buchanan (FL-16)
King (IA-04)
Bass (NH-02)
Buerkle (NY-TBD)
Bill Johnson (OH-06)
Fitzpatrick (PA-08)
Bilbray (CA-52)
Bartlett (MD-06)
Cravaack (MN-08)
Sean Duffy (WI-07)
Polis (CO-02)
Mary Bono Mack (CA-45)

The organization “Occupy Women of the 99% ” is not a registered PAC or lobbying group. Therefore, it is illegal for this group to make robocalls. The group is making the calls anonymously – which also is illegal.

Also, the cost of running a robocall message list this large would be well over $100,000. So who is this group? And, who is funding this group?  And is it just a coincidence that most of these districts are DCCC targeted “Red to Blue” districts? (We’ll find out more later.)

So far there has been only one media outlet who has reported on this story – The Daily Mail out of Great Britain.

So where is the American media on this?

Why is the media hiding this story from the American public?

BIG UPDATE: Sources in Washington DC say the contact data came from Catalist, a liberal company that represents several democrats in Congress. The data warehouse represents every liberal/progressive group in existence including Organizing for America, the DNC, Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid. The group is also affiliated with the AFL-CIO and Planned Parenthood.

What this means: Once we find who was writing the checks to Catalist we will know who funded these illegal robocalls.

The illegal robocalls were going out in at least three Colorado districts.
The Denver Post had more on Catalist.

“Collaborative and well-coordinated, the groups not only funded television and radio ads, but put large amounts of money — almost $600,000 for one state Senate race — into canvassing neighborhoods, phone calls and direct mailings that often contained withering attacks on GOP opponents.”

“Additionally, Democrats have Catalist, a for-profit company that has an uber-voter file: demographic, political and commercial/marketing information for 280 million Americans.
President Barack Obama tapped into Catalist for his 2008 presidential race, according to The Atlantic, and Colorado Democrats say it was used for U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet’s race. In the final two weeks, Democrats said, they targeted voters household by household, helping Bennet win by a narrow margin.”

—-This story is developing.

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