Sarah Palin On Obama’s Bill Maher Money: Obama Has Never Been Seen as Man of Valor, So It Shouldn’t Surprise Us (Video)

Sarah Palin responded to Bill Maher’s vile attacks tonight on The Hannity Show and what she thought of Barack Obama accepting a million dollar donation from the far left “comedian.”

“I don’t know how anyone can sit in the audience of a commentator like Bill Maher and chuckle and laugh and think that’s entertaining. I think it’s disgusting. And this dirty money that he has now provided Barack Obama’s campaign – I don’t know how Barack Obama can sleep at night if he really thinks about Sasha and Mahlia and the treatment of some women today, how he can accept that dirty money. Granted Barack Obama has never been seen in the conventional, traditional way of one we who describe a man of valor, so it shouldn’t surprise us that Barack Obama would accept that dirty money.”

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