#Occupy Midwest Vandals Deface Historic St. Louis Landmarks & Leave Threats – “Only Blood of Rich Will Stop Occupy”

#Occupiers deface landmark and issue threats in St. Louis.

“Only blood of the rich will stop occupy.” (Photo Credit The Gateway Pundit)

The wall they defaced is about 100 yards long.

City crews were out this afternoon painting the stone wall.

The #Occupy Midwest goons held their regional rally in St. Louis this past weekend. Before their cohorts in crime arrived for the “conference” the local organizers said they would not disrupt the community. They lied. On Thursday night the #occupiers opened their conference by clashing with police resulting in 14 arrests. On Saturday they crashed the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in downtowm St. Louis.


And, before they left town the criminal movement vandalized historic Reservoir Park in the city of St. Louis.

They vandalized a brick shelter in the park with a message to the St. Louis police.

They vandalized a stone wall in the park.

And they spray-painted an historic 100 year-old statue.

Reader Catherine added this on the vandalism.

The Reservoir Park was vandalized last night. This is where the Occupiers were arrested last Friday. Carnahan lives 2 blocks away. And, that beautiful statue they defaced is almost 100 years old.

Here’s another picture from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Thank you, Mayor Slay for allowing these criminals to hold their conference in St. Louis. Nice job.

UPDATE: They left this threat in their graffiti, “Only the blood of the rich will stop Occupy.”

Democrats own this.

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