Obama’s $10,000 Nail Polish Buy

By: Rachel Pulaski

Obama spent $10,000 last month on nail polish designed to sell as campaign merchandise.  $40 buys you three bottles in a little black bag and it comes in three colors: Red-y to Win Red, Victory White and Bo Blue.  Politico has more:

The Obama campaign’s latest report for one of its joint DNC accounts shows that Chicago spent about $10,000 in February alone on nail polish designed by Richard Blanch Of Le Métier De Beauté. The campaign is, in turn, selling the nail polish in a three bottle set along with a collectable bag to supporters for $40 dollars.

The nail polish swag first debuted as part of a fashion-focused “Runway to Win” event in New York City in February.

Overall, the Obama campaign, through their joint DNC account, has spent more than $750,000 on campaign merchandise in February — one way of keeping low dollar supporters engaged with the campaign and driving up overall contribution numbers. It’s part of how the Obama campaign can truthfully say that 97.7 percent of February’s contributions were small donors, even as big donors maxing out at $35,800 are the real fundraising goldmine for the campaign.


Since the President is handing out all this free birth control maybe the progressive “women” have $40 to spend on nail polish in this economy.   This President does not understand this country or the people who live in it, so it should come to no suprise he does not understand women either.

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