Obama Lashes Out at “Flat-Earth” Republicans For Not Supporting His Decision to Blow $54 Million on a Solar Plant With 5 Full-Time Employees

Barack Obama visited the Copper Mountain Solar 1 plant in Nevada that employs only 5 full-time employees and cost taxpayers $54 million.
Obama calls this a success story.

U.S. President Barack Obama delivers remarks on clean energy as he visits the Copper Mountain Solar Project in Boulder City, Nevada, March 21, 2012. Obama is traveling to Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Ohio for events on his energy initiative. (REUTERS/Jason Reed)

During his speech today Barack Obama lashed out at the “flat earth” Republicans for not supporting his decision to blow $54 million dollars on a plant that created only 5 full-time jobs.

“These folks dismiss the promise of solar power and wind power and fuel-efficient cars. They make jokes about it. One member of Congress who shall remain unnamed called these jobs ‘phony,’” Obama continued. “If these people were around when Columbus set sail, they would’ve been founding members of the Flat Earth Society.”

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