Obama Adviser David Plouffe: Who Are You Going to Trust on Energy Policy – Republicans or Barack Obama? (Video)

Who are you going to trust?

(Gas Buddy)

After being caught in a bald-faced lie about the Keystone Pipeline (saying Nebraska rejected the pipeline) Obama’s senior adviser David Plouffe asks,
“Who do you trust more with America’s energy future?”

Gas prices are now nearly $4 a gallon nationally. Prices have doubled since Obama took office.


The Obama Administration has blocked oil drilling and development in:
** 60 sites in Utah
** Outer Continental Shelf
** Virginia
** Ohio killing 200,000 jobs
** Off Florida, where Cuba is drilling
** Alaska

Obama blew more taxpayer dollars on the exploding Chevy Volt than the entire GDP of Guyana, Belize and Djibouti.

And, then there’s this… Obama gave billions in taxpayer dollars to firms with close ties to the Obama Administration.

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