Missouri Mom Arrested After Beating Son’s Heroin Dealer With Aluminum Bat (Video)

Ping! Sherrie Gavan was arrested this week after she drove over to the home of her son’s dealer and beat him with an aluminum bat.
FOX 2 has video:

KMOX reported:

A Missouri mother is facing charges, but drawing sympathy from hundreds, for a baseball bat attack on her son’s alleged heroin supplier.

Sherrie Gavan of Imperial, near St. Louis, was arraigned Monday on charges of third-degree assault. The judge refused to dismiss the case.

Gavan told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that she tried everything to protect her son, Clayton, even sending him to a different high school. When those efforts failed, she drove to the home of 21-year-old Joshua Loyd, whom she believed supplied the drugs, and struck him with an aluminum bat.

“”I don’t know if I can say that what I did was right,” Gavan told the Post-Dispatch. “But it was the only thing I could do in the moment.”

The four foot eleven inch Gavan said her son was trying to stay clean.
FOX reported:


His family got involved and tried to help him stop. He was sent to live with a relative for a while, and when he was at home he was kept under close watch by his parents. The family says a twenty year old man who lives nearby was providing him with heroin. They say he continually kept trying to bring Clayton back to the drug, in some cases, right under his parents nose.

“They came to my house,” Sherrie Gavan says. “They came to my work looking for him. Trying to get him to buy again when he was clean.”

Clayton says it made the already mountainous task of getting clean all the more difficult.

Sherrie Gavan claims the man aided Clayton in relapsing several times. She finally says she had enough in December and went to try and talk to him.

“I just wanted him to leave my son alone, and stay away from where I work and stay away from where we live,” she said.

In her statement to police she says during the conversation the man reached for something in his car.

“I felt extremely threatened,” the four foot eleven Gavan told us. “As you can tell I’m not a young person and I’m not a tall person so I’m not a strong person. “

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