Michelle Obama & David Letterman Share a Few Laughs But Leave Rape Jokes Out of Segment (Video)

First Lady Michelle Obama and David Letterman shared a few laughs last night in her first appearance on the far left comedian’s show. They did manage to leave the rape jokes about underage children of conservative politicians out of the segment. That was good.

It was Michelle’s first visit on the show. She obviously doesn’t have a problem with his previous attacks on women and children.
ABC reported, via The Blaze:

Michelle Obama made her first appearance on the “Late Show With David Letterman” on Monday. And during a discussion about the importance of family, the first lady told Letterman about her father.

“My father had multiple sclerosis,” she said. “I never knew him to be able to walk, but my dad worked so hard and he loved us so much, and I think from him I learned just absolute, complete unconditional love, the notion that kids really don’t need anything but to know that their parents adore them.”

She continued: “We had rules, we had boundaries, but there wasn’t anything my dad wouldn’t do for us, and, uh–don’t make me cry. This isn’t ‘Oprah’! It’s supposed to be ‘Letterman.’ What’s up? Where are the laughs?”

“Did somebody tell you this was ‘Oprah’?” Letterman joked. “Is that why you’re here? Oh my, someone misled the first lady.”

Earlier in the show, Letterman tried to wrangle some presidential gossip out of her, but the first lady did not take the bait.

“Hypothetically speaking, at the end of the day, has your husband ever come home and said to you, ‘Oh, that John Boehner, what an idiot’?” Letterman asked.

“It has never happened, never, never,” she replied. “He is always upbeat, particularly about Congress.”

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