Lesbian Buddhist Agitator Spits On Her Mother’s Faith at Funeral

Buddhist Barbara Johnson spits on her mother’s faith.

Johnson, a Buddhist, garnered national elite media attention when she was denied communion at her own mother’s Catholic funeral. There was a reason for this. Johnson is a radical far left activist and a Buddhist. Only Catholics are allowed to receive communion during mass. Johnson knew this and didn’t care. She used her own mother’s funeral for personal gain and for attacking the Catholic Church.

NewsBusters reported:

On February 29, The Washington Post created a scandal for the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington by dramatizing the denial of communion to lesbian activist Barbara Johnson at her mother’s funeral. Reporter Michelle Boorstein painted an emotional picture of a Catholic daughter being publicly shamed by a priest at her lowest moment.

But new details keep ruining the Post’s report. Thomas Peters at Catholic Vote today reveals that Johnson has publicly declared she is a Buddhist, and not a Catholic! The Post is going to need to fill the Corrections box.

In a paper for a master’s degree she’s pursuing at Kutztown State University, Johnson wrote of interviewing with a principal at a Catholic school in Maryland in which “we talked openly about my being a lesbian and a Buddhist.” (She also declared she took the job “with all the zeal and enthusiasm of any natural born agitator who every now and again enjoys challenging the status quo.” This status quo she also called the “socially constructed heteronormative culture” and an “insidious heterosexist paradigm.”)

Now Johnson is on a crusade to get the priest, Fr. Marcel Guarnizo, removed from ministry, telling the Post that Fr. Marcel “brought [his] politics, not [his] God into that Church yesterday” and that he will “pay dearly on the day of judgement for judging [her].”

Johnson is just your typical Christian-hating leftist. And, she has no shame using the funeral of her dead mother to further her cause.
What a disgusting human being.

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