Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and NAACP Leader Ben Jealous March for Trayvon in Florida

There was no march scheduled in Chicago today for the latest “hoodie” street murders.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, 3rd from left, marches with the Rev. Al Sharpton and NAACP President Ben Jealous, middle, during a rally Saturday, March 31, 2012, in Sanford, Florida. (Arelis R. Hernandez, Orlando Sentinel / Mar 31, 2012)

Al Sharpton told reporters he wanted George Zimmerman arrested but not necessarily charged. Huh?
CFNews13 reported:

The purpose of today’s rally is for Sanford PD to bring Mr. Zimmerman to justice,” said Benjamin Todd Jealous, National NAACP President and CEO. “We are all united in our call for justice to be done here in Sanford. And it’s clear that this community is coming together around this call for Mr. Zimmerman to be brought to justice. That is why we are here today. We are joined by NAACP branches from across the southeast from as far away as South Carolina. And people from throughout this community — students, parents, teachers. We’re tired of racial profiling. We’re tired of the lives of young black men, not being treated with the same level of importance when they’re killed as we see when people of other races, other genders, when they’re killed. We’re here to say ‘Save our sons’. Bring Mr. Zimmerman to justice.”

Reverend Al Sharpton also called for an arrest in the killing of Trayvon.

“The real story is this, with all of these marches and all of these gatherings, there’s not been any violence. There’s not been one incident. Report that,” Rev. Al Sharpton said. “And don’t act as though that is not without the discipline and infrastructure of the organizations involved. There are ministers marching right now in London, England with hoodies on. It’s all over the world, under one aim alone — that on probable cause, the killer should be arrested. We have not said what to charge him with, we’re not trying him before a trial. Those on the other side are. They’re trying to acquit him! We’re just saying with probable cause, he should be arrested. And we are going to keep marching. We’re going to keep praying. We’re going to keep doing whatever is necessary in order to make that happen.”

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