It’s OK, He’s a Republican… Saturday Night Live Attacks Mitt Romney’s Sons (Video)

The Obama-media was out in force this weekend. Saturday Night took a swing at Mitt Romney by attacking his five sons something they wouldn’t dream of doing to ANY democrat.

Saturday Night Live Mocks Mitt Romney and his Family–
It’s OK… He’s a Republican.

SNL mocked Mitt Romney’s sons on the show last night.

Romney’s sons: The disturbing every men listed ‘du wop,’ as one of their every day interests and were created by horror writer Stephen King, according to Smith.


The Daily Mail reported on the skit.

Despite all of the hype surrounding Lindsay Lohan as the host for Saturday Night Live this week, the show started on more familiar ground with a strong political parody.

Featuring Bill Hader playing Fox News show host Shepard Smith as Norman Bates, complete with skeleton mother in a chair, the entire skit was themed around Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney’s strategies.

Fun was had with the the narrow margin in which he ended up winning Michigan and there were ‘cameos’ by Mitt’s wife and spooky sons as created by horror writer Stephen King.

Jason Sudekis as the wannabe Obama vanquisher said: ‘Michigan was just another example of the nation taking a look at Mitt Romney and thinking, well, I guess.’

Before adding: ‘I’m as happy as a poor man eating a tin of beans out of a dumpster.’

Creepy Smith then told Romney that he must have a chocolate foot as he keeps putting it in his mouth so much.

Sudekis replied: ‘No my shoes worth more than most Americans earn in month… oh no I’m doing it again!

Romney’s ‘sons’ expressed their affinity with the every day American, and Sudekis’ Romney mentioned he’d get Casey Anthony involved in his campaign if he could.

And of course, his greatest supporter, and theme provider, Kid Rock – played by a well-disguised Andy Samberg – made an appearance.

Unless the Romney campaign wants to see more of this, they will release a statement demanding an apology from SNL for this tasteless skit.

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