Drag Bombers For Allah… Taliban Fighters Captured in Lovely Spring Dresses

Drag Queens For Allah–

The insurgents dressed as women show the Taliban’s determination to infiltrate coalition forces.

The Daily Mail reported today on the lengths the Taliban are prepared to go to in order to gain access to coalition forces. This was illustrated yesterday when local police arrested seven men dressed in women’s clothing in Mehterlam, Laghman province, east of Kabul.

It’s not the first time terrorists were captured in drag.


Last July several Taliban thugs were captured smuggling AK-47s and bombs under their burqas.

(Front Page Mag)

At least they looked better than this lovely bride captured in Iraq in 2007.

Nahrain.com reported: Iraqi security forces arrested a fake wedding procession. With fake bride (a man disguised as a bride) and groom who are wanted outlaws. The fake bride is one of the son’s of infamous Mahdi Army leader and killer of many Sunnis, Abu-Deraa, who is now hiding in Iran.

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