Horrible… Obama Tells AIPAC He Supported Israel After Gaza Flotilla Interception …(Not True)

This was the winning photo of the year in Turkey in 2010 – a battered and bloody Israeli soldier aboard the Mavi Marmara.


Nine people were killed onboard the Gaza-bound Turkish ship after IDF troops who raided it encountered violent resistance by “peace activists” armed with an assortment of weapons. The “peace activists” threw stun grenades and beat the Israeli soldiers with pipes and chains.

In August 2011 the Obama Administration warned Israel to apologize to Turkey over its bloody interception of a Gaza aid flotilla in 2010, or risk strained ties with Washington. There were also reports that Barack Obama told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to come to the White House to tell his side of the story after the bloody battle. Nearly two-thirds of Israelis were dissatisfied with Obama’s response to the Gaza Flotilla incident.


Today at AIPAC Obama told AIPAC that his administration supported Israel following the Gaza Flotilla interception.
It was just words.

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