Far Left Celebrates Andrew Breitbart’s Death: “Good. F**k Him”

45 minutes after the the news broke that Andrew Breitbart had passed away the far left was already celebrating.

This was posted on the Hating Breitbart video:

And this…

And this was posted by Slate Magazine’s Matt Yglesias…

@mattyglesias: Conventions around dead people are ridiculous. The world outlook is slightly improved with@AndrewBrietbart dead.

And I just received this in my email from “Full Name” at [email protected]:

Breitbart was a liar, a thug, and a bully. America is a cleaner place without him. Suck it, you punk Goebbels wannabes!

What lovely people.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has more on the leftist hate.

UPDATE: And Rolling Stone leads the pack with this headline:
Andrew Breitbart: Death of a Douche
Including this:

So Andrew Breitbart is dead. Here’s what I have to say to that, and I’m sure Breitbart himself would have respected this reaction: Good! F*ck him. I couldn’t be happier that he’s dead.

I say this in the nicest possible way. I actually kind of liked Andrew Breitbart. Not in the sense that I would ever have wanted to hang out with him, or even be caught within a hundred yards of him without a Haz-Mat suit on, but I respected the shamelessness. Breitbart didn’t do anything by halves, and even his most ardent detractors had to admit that he had a highly developed, if not always funny, sense of humor.

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