FAIL. After 6 Months & Nonstop Media Coverage – Only 100 Far Left Goons Make It Out to Midwest Regional #Occupy Rally

And 14 were hauled off to jail last night.

The sad thing is they were pleading with their supporters not to get violent before the march. And, a few hours later they were scrapping with the St. Louis PO in a park.

The media has been showering this criminal movement with praise since its inception and yet after 6 months all they could muster is around 100 leftists to join them at the St. Louis Arch.


Compare that to the ten thousand tea party patriots who turned out in April 2009 at the first St. Louis tax day tea party.

Not to mention the 10,000 tea party patriots who turned out at the St. Louis Arch in September 2010.

And the tea party doesn’t even have to pay its supporters to attend!

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