Dem Lawmaker Wants George Zimmerman Jailed “For His Own Safety”

Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) wants George Zimmerman jailed “for his own safety.” She also speculated yesterday that there was a police “code of silence” that might be influencing how the police have treated George Zimmerman so far.
Wow!… Just wow!

Git along, little nutty cowgirl.

For the record, the US Constitution forbids “unreasonable searches and seizures” under the Fourth Amendment.
Ben Shapiro at Big Government reported:

At a Congressional forum on the Hill yesterday at which killed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin’s parents were asked to testify, Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) took center stage. She claimed first that Martin had been victimized by racial profiling and a “botched police investigation.” But she went even further: George Zimmerman, the shooter in the case, she said, should be arrested “immediately for his own safety.”

…There are no legal grounds upon which somebody can be imprisoned for his or her own safety, unless they are actually a threat to harm themselves, which is not the case here. In fact, the Constitution expressly forbids such measures under the Fourth Amendment, which states that people have a right “to be secure in their persons … against unreasonable searches and seizures.” The only excuses for a criminal arrest in America are probable cause or an arrest warrant based upon probable cause. Arresting citizens “for their own safety” smacks of tyranny.

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