Figures. Dem Congressional Candidate Pulled Gun on Store Manager While Buying Campaign Posters – Threatened to “Cap Him” (Video)

More details were released in court yesterday on the Democrat Congressional candidate who was arrested for aggravated assault this past weekend after an incident in a Staples Store.

Cynthia Clinkingbeard pulled out a 9mm handgun from her shoulder strap, pointed it at the store manager and threatened to “cap him.”
KTVB reported:

Cynthia Clinkingbeard was buying posters for her campaign at the time.
KTVB reported:


Clinkingbeard had filed to run against Rep. Raul Labrador in Idaho’s 1st congressional district.

In court Monday, Deputy Prosecutor Robert Bleazard said Clinkingbeard had gone to the Staples on Eagle Road and Chinden Boulevard Friday night to see about getting some posters for her campaign.

Bleazard says Clinkingbeard was escorted to the copy center at the back of the store and began making strange comments to three employees about religion and politics.

He says she told the employees they were going to meet God.

A short time later, Clinkingbeard and the employees made their way to the front of the store where she was waiting for a ride.

The prosecutor says that’s when she pulled the gun.

“She pulled out a 9mm handgun from a shoulder holster at around that time, and as the store manager went to open the door to let in the person that was there to pick her up, she pointed the weapon at the store manager’s back and activated the laser sight that is on the gun,” said Bleazard. “While she did this, she told the other employees that were standing nearby that if she were anywhere else she would quote, ‘Cap him.'”

It’s too bad about her arrest. She would have fit right in with the current crop of Democrats in Congress.

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