Chuck Schumer on Bill Maher: There’s No Need For Obama to Return Money Cuz He’s a Comedian (Video)

Is anyone surprised? Of course not.

Democrats have not problem with the c-word or t-word when they’re hurled at conservative women. It’s only when a liberal 30 year-old law activist is called a slut that they get their undies in a bunch and demand that the radio host be silenced.

Senator Chuck Schumer told George Stephanopoulos that there is no need for Bill Maher to return Bill Maher’s dirty money because Maher is a comedian.
The Blaze reported:

He’s not the only hypocrite. Bill Burton, the head of the Obama Super-Pac, said the same thing on Friday. And NOW President Terry O’Neill made the same outrageous argument this past weekend at an event in New Orleans.

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