British News is Covering Robocall Scandal…Where Is the U.S. Media?

During the last two weeks, a dirty, illegal scandal has been playing out across the U.S. making headline news.  In Great Britain.  Meanwhile, the MSM in the U.S. has been complicit in this rotten Liberal scheme through its complete silence.  The Daily Mail has run, yet another, story on the shady liberal Democrat front group, calling themselves the “Women of the 99% “.  This illegal operation involves making tens of thousands of illegal robocalls across the U.S., attacking Rush Limbaugh and Republican lawmakers in battleground districts.

It’s too bad we have to look to the British media to read about breaking stories playing out in “our neighborhood”.  Shame on the U.S. media.

Another story out of today’s Daily Mail,

A top Republican official has accused Democrats of being behind a fresh wave of illegal robocalls made to voters across the country by a shadowy group calling itself ‘The Women of the 99 Percent’.

Pat Brady, Republican party chairman in Illinois, issued a statement to MailOnline demanding a state investigation into the calls, first reported by MailOnline on March 9th.

Voters in five districts in his state received more automated telephone calls yesterday linking Republican members of the House of Representatives to the conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

The automated calls are illegal because they do not state who they are from (there is no known group called The Women of the 99 Percent) or provide a callback number, as required under the US Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991.

‘It is typical that a Democrat front group like this thumbs their noses at the same federal campaign finance laws they like to tout in their own campaign literature,’ Brady said.

He added that it was ‘no coincidence’ that the districts receiving the calls were all on ‘the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) hit list’, he demanding an immediate inquiry.

Republican strategists view the calls are part of a concerted effort by Democrats, from President Barack Obama down, to shift the focus of November’s elections away from the sputtering economy and onto what the Left has branded ‘the Republican war on women’.

Here is the latest video of one of the illegal robocalls from Kevin G. who lives in Rep. Dan Lungren’s district in California:

The calls were placed in at least 25 Congressional districts in at least 12 different states across the U.S.


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