Bummer. Barack Obama Travels to New Mexico – Lizard Protest Breaks Out (Video)

Barack Obama traveled to New Mexico on Wednesday for a political dog and pony show on energy prices. Despite record gas prices the far left administration still continues to choke off development of the American energy sector.
Protesters were waiting for him.
KOB.com reported:

The Capitol Report has more on the president’s latest assault on the oil industry:

“Hope and change” doesn’t fly that well in the Oil Patch.

And if you throw in a lizard, then President Obama has an uphill battle winning over converts in southeastern New Mexico, where he made a brief stop Wednesday (March 21) as part of a two-day tour to counter sinking poll numbers related to rising gasoline prices across the country.

Air Force One touched down at the airport in Roswell at 5:20 p.m. Wednesday and after meeting for a couple minutes with Gov. Susana Martinez and Roswell Mayor Del Jurney, Obama hopped on Marine One to make an appearance at oil and gas operations near the tiny town of Marjamal. (Click here to read more about the President’s arrival.)

But a couple hours earlier next to a dusty parking lot about a half-mile from the tarmac, some 100 protesters gathered Wednesday afternoon, criticizing the Obama administration’s energy policy and urging the President to resists calls from environmentalists to place the dunes sagebrush lizard on the Endangered Species List.

“The message we want to sent today is a positive one,” Chaves County Commissioner Greg Nibert said to the crowd. “Please, Mr. President, don’t list the lizard.”

The dunes sagebrush lizard occupies portions of the Permian Basin, an oil and natural gas-rich area that extends from Texas into New Mexico. The US Fish and Wildlife Service is scheduled to announce later this year whether to place the lizard on the endangered list — something that industry officials worry could drastically reduce production.

“This whole process [of possibly listing the sagebrush lizard] is not supported by the facts,” state Rep. Dennis Kintigh (R-Roswell) told the crowd, which was dotted with home-made signs criticizing Obama.

According to an article in the Houston Chronicle on Wednesday, a spokesman for Obama’s Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, said no decision has been made regarding the listing.

Power Line calls out Obama’s oil lies.

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