Another Day… Another Obama Vacation… Media Scrubs Malia Obama’s Trip to Mexico

It’s vacation time!
Malia Obama traveled to Mexico for spring break this year. It’s been at least two months since a member of the Obama family last went on vacation. So the trip was long overdue.

[Photo-Image: Obama’s 13-yr-old daughter Malia Ann Obama on Spring Break in Mexico, Source – El Universal]

But, something weird is going on… The American media scrubbed all the news reports on Malia’s vacation.
DBKP reported:

What’s up with the disappearing internet news reports Barack Obama’s 13-yr-old daughter Malia Ann Obama is on ‘Spring Break’ in Mexico? So far, Huffington Post, AFP, and U.K.’s Telegraph yanked their internet news reports of Malia Obama’s Mexico ‘Spring Break’ from their websites; a school trip to Oaxaca accompanied by Secret Service agents.

Why were the news reports yanked?

Who ordered them removed?

Were the reports removed for ‘security’ reasons?

Huffington Post, AFP and The Telegraph removed their reports the day after Mexican internet news sites filed reports with photos of Malia in Mexico. The cat’s out of the bag so why the censorship on this side of the border?

It’s hard to decide what is more bizarre… The fact that the liberal media is scrubbing stories of Malia’s trip?… Or, the fact that Michelle didn’t join her on vacation?

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