US Debt to GDP Passes 101% – Per Capita Debt Higher Than Greece

US debt to GDP passed 101% this week.
Zero Hedge reported:

Without much fanfare, US debt to GDP hit 101% with the latest issuance of $32 billion in 2 Year Bonds. If the moment when this ratio went from double to triple digits is still fresh in readers minds, is because it is: total debt hit and surpassed the most recently revised Q4 GDP on January 30, or just three weeks ago. Said otherwise, it has taken the US 21 days to add a full percentage point to this most critical of debt sustainability ratios: but fear not, with just under $1 trillion in new debt issuance on deck in the next 9 months, we will be at 110% in no time.

That’s not all…
America’s per capita debt is worse than Greece.

And Barack Obama still won’t slow down his spending. The national deficit is likely to top one trillion dollars again this year.

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