University of California-Davis Officials Do Nothing as Muslim Fanatics Disrupt Jewish Event (Video)

University of California-Davis officials did nothing last night when Jew-hating Muslim fanatics disrupted a Jewish event on campus.
Watch as this radical fanatic harasses and disrupts the event.
Via Atlas Shrugs:

From the video: On Monday, February 27, a program, sponsored by Chabad entitled “Israeli Soldier’s stories” was scheduled at UC Davis. Ran, a Israeli reservist, and Ranya, a Druze woman whose father and brother fought in the IDF maintained their dignity and composure in spite of a consortium of haters from Students for Justice in Palestine, the MSA and JVP who had planned to disrupt their presentation. This young man, claiming to be a Medieval Studies major at Davis repeatedly interrupted the proceedings in a coarse and vulgar manner, while UC Davis security and police stood on and did nothing.

Note: It’s always a leftist’s right to camp out in public parks or your yard, to disrupt conservative or Jewish events, and to demand more money from productive members of society. And, they could care less what you have to say about it.

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