Thanks Barack… Top Taliban Leader: “US-Taliban Talks Reveal America’s Failure in Afghanistan”

Tehrik-i-Taliban’s leader Waliur-Rehman Mehsud (Press TV)

Top Taliban leader Waliur-Rehman Mehsud told reporters this week that the US talks with the Taliban represent America’s failure in Afghanistan.
Iranian Press TV reported:

A top Pakistani leader of the Taliban says the United States seeks to engage in talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan as its mission in the war-battered country has failed, Press TV reports.

Pakistan’s Tehrik-i-Taliban’s leader Waliur-Rehman Mehsud told Press TV that Washington has sought to launch peace talks with the Afghan Taliban over the US failure in Afghanistan.

Mehsud added that the US-led invasion of Afghanistan was initially aimed at eliminating the Taliban militants or making them surrender.

However, he said, the foreign forces’ failure to do so has forced Washington into a negotiating position.

Mehsud added that the US and its allies are trying to hide their defeat in Afghanistan under the guise of advocating dialogue.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, Afghan President Hamed Karzai admitted that the peace talks had taken place among the United States, the Afghan government, and Taliban over the past month.

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