Taliban Takes Credit For Killing 2 US Officials in Kabul – Shooter Still on the Loose

Obama’s peace partners, the Taliban, took credit for the murder today of two American officials in the Afghan Interior Ministry building. The gunman, who is still on the loose, shot the Americans in the back of the head.

ABC News reported:

Two high-ranking U.S. officers were shot and killed by an assailant believed to be Afghan inside a high-security government building in Kabul on the fifth day of nationwide unrest sparked by the burning of Korans at a NATO military base.

The assailant entered the officers’ room at the Interior Ministry, which had a security code lock, and shot both in the head, according to a senior police official. The shooter escaped and is still on the loose, according to NATO and Afghan officials.

The Afghan Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack, though there is not yet any evidence connecting the group to the shooting.

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