Sorry #Occupy Commies… Income Inequality Is Actually Plummeting in US

It figures. After all of the protesting and rapes and vandalism and murders and arrests we now find out that income inequality is actually plummeting in the United States. It looks like the #occupy movement was all based on misinformation. Who could have guessed it?

Your whole movement was based on a lie.

But great job eating that pepper spray, kids.

Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters reported:


Since the first Occupy Wall Street protest, you haven’t been able to swing a dead cat in this country without hitting an Obama-loving media member carping and whining about income inequality.

Yet according to this chart created by the nation’s largest federation of trade unions the AFL-CIO, the difference between average CEO and average worker pay has been plummeting since the year 2000:

As you can see, the real explosion in income inequality happened in the ’90s as stock prices went through the rough during the tech bubble.

Yet from 2000 through 2009, this disparity actually declined by 50 percent.

To assist in furthering the point, NewsBusters member Gary Hall has added to the AFL-CIO’s chart:

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