Seven States Join to File Suit Against Barack Obama’s Anti-Religious HHS Mandate

Seven states filed a suit in Nebraska US District Courit to block Barack Obama’s HHS mandate that forces religious organizations to offer contraception and abortifacient drugs to female employees free of charge. The mandate requires religious organizations to subsidize and authorize conduct that conflicts with their religious principles.

FOX News

Seven states filed a lawsuit Thursday to block the federal government’s requirement that religious organizations offer health insurance coverage that includes free access to contraception for women.

The attorney generals of Texas, Florida, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma and South Carolina jointly filed the lawsuit in a Nebraska US District Court.

Two private citizens, two religious non-profit organizations and a Catholic school also joined the lawsuit against the contraception mandate, which is part of President Barack Obama’s sweeping health care law.


The lawsuit asks a federal judge to declare the law unconstitutional and enjoin the government from enforcing the requirement.

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