School District Abandons $40,000 Tracking Bracelets/ Instead Has Students Enter Personal Eating Habits On Government Website Called “Super Tracker”

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Earlier this year, a School District in St. Louis Missouri was forced to abandon it’s plan to make students wear tracking bracelets that would monitor their activity level 24/7 after a public outrage insued over the obvious privacy issues.

But according to an article on Missouri Education Watchdog, it seems that the same school district is at it again and determined to track their students’ behavior one way or another.

Instead of forcing the students to wear expensive tracking bracelets ($40,000 was spent on the tracking project) students are now being told to enter their personal eating habits and amount of daily physical activity into a Government website called ‘Super Tracker’:

“A high school student just shared with me this week a website they were told to go on in their health class to calculate their overall health based on input regarding their diet and exercise. The USDA’s site is called “Supertracker.”  The name says it all. Once registered, you are asked to enter all the foods you ate on a typical day.  You are then asked to input all the activity you did that day.  Each of these screens come with drop down menus with several hundred food and activity options. This is not a superficial, gimmicky, analysis program.  Someone has put a lot of time and effort into creating it.

Once you have entered all that information, SuperTracker provides you a health report detailing how many of your daily calories came from fats and what kind of fats, what your sodium intake is, and how much you need to increase your activity levels.

Even IF the government doesn’t use this data to track students individually, they are amassing a lot of conglomerated data on the average teen lifestyle which will just be too tempting to ignore.

Why has the Obama administration created a website with such an ominous name like Super Tracker that will collect all of this data about school children?

Well according to this video made by Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, Super Tracker is for everyone and it’s meant to help you live healthier (Yea right):

Earlier this year when the Superintendent of the St. Louis school district was confronted as to why they were forcing students to wear the tracking bracelets, her answer was eerily similar to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack’s:

When asked how they could justify that expense, the Superintendent Keith Marty said, “Parents are  expecting  us to help them and help their children become healthier.” (watch the videohere and pay attention at 1:04)

So the Federal Government, and this St. Louis school district, are just trying to  help the American people (and your kids) live healthier lives by colletcing personal information on their eating and activity habits?

If you believe that, then I have a bridge for sale in New York.

But I think Gretchen, of Missouri Education Watchdog, hit the nail on the head when she wrote:

“This data will be combined with that from other government departments (who are all sharing data now) to develop regulations about the foods Americans will be allowed to eat.

…..Data like this will be used to justify why they must force those who do not participate voluntarily to comply with regulation in the future.”


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