Sarah Palin Demands Afghanistan Apologize for Slaughter of 2 US Soldiers

Afghan protesters throw rocks towards a water canon near a U.S. military base in Kabul February 22, 2012. Several people were wounded on Wednesday, witnesses said, when shots were fired as hundreds of angry Afghans gathered in a second day of violent clashes after copies of the Koran, Islam’s holy book, were burned at NATO’s main base in Afghanistan. (REUTERS/Ahmad Masood)

After Obama apologized to Afghanistan for a torched book with extremist writings, Sarah Palin called on Afghanistan to apologize for the two soldiers killed today.
From her Facebook page:

Obama apologizes for the inadvertent Koran burning this week; now the U.S. trained and protected Afghan Army can apologize for killing two of our soldiers yesterday.

For a supposedly stupid woman Sarah sure gets it right most of the time.

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