Rush Limbaugh: The Real Target of Obama’s HHS Birth Control Mandate Is the Constitution (Video)

Rush Limbaugh told his audience today that the real target of the Obama Administration’s birth control mandate is the US Constitution.
The Blaze reported:

“It‘s not the government’s business to make any church or any religion ‘modernize’ …there is no permissible way the government can do this, according to our Constitution,” Rush Limbaugh said during his Tuesday radio broadcast.

Limbaugh, who believes the real target of the Obama administrations contraceptives mandate is in fact, the U.S. Constitution, “pure and simple.”

The Catholic Church, according to Limbaugh, “is just the latest springboard.”

“But the Constitution doesn’t matter here, which is really what this is all about,” he added.

“The Constitution doesn’t matter to the [Obama] regime. The regime is simply saying,’To hell with the Constitution. We’re gonna implement this regardless what the Constitution says!‘ But if you don’t like the Catholic Church view on abortion, if you don’t like their view on contraception, don’t be Catholic. If you don‘t like what the Methodist Church says or if you don’t like what you hear in synagogue, don’t go. It’s as simple as that.”

Listen to Limbaugh’s thought-provoking remarks below, courtesy of DailyRushbo. A partial transcript follows and can also be found in full at Rush Limbaugh

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