Romney Shuts Down Hecklers at Maine Town Hall Event (Video)

Mitt Romney did a good job shutting down the hecklers yesterday at a town hall in Maine. It’s not clear if the heckler was a leftist or a Ron Paul supporter at this time.

National Journal reported:

Drawing on his by now well-honed debate skills, Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney on Friday deftly put down an aggressive attack by a few hostile members of a town hall audience, who challenged him repeatedly on issues ranging from his overseas investments to his support for hydrofracking.

It was a rare bit of rhetorical chaos at a Romney event, which are typically as subdued as the candidate tends to be. But the former Massachusetts governor defended himself in a calm and concise manner, winning thunderous applause from the audience of about 300 people at several points.

Tensions rose during the second question of the hour-long event. “Do you think it’s patriotic of you to stash money away in Cayman Islands?” asked a woman, who was greeted by groans of disapproval.

“That’s OK, it’s a good question, come on!” Romney said. “I’ve got to take some shots now and then or it won’t be interesting.”

The multi-millionaire, who once ran a private equity firm, said he put his money in a blind trust and does not control investment decisions. “You might think you put your money somewhere else you don’t pay U.S. taxes? Of course you do,” he said. “I pay all the taxes I’m required to pay under the law, and by the way, not a dollar more.”

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