National Poll Says Public Backs Obama’s Assault on Religious Freedom …(Don’t Believe It) …Update: Americans Oppose Obama’s HHS Mandate 50-44

The Christians are at the gate.
Predictably, the state-run is out in force to protect Barack Obama from the Christians.
Today CBS-New York Times reports that the public supports Barack Obama’s assault on religious freedom.

There are two explanations for this. One is that the corrupt media is not reporting accurately on this assault on freedom – keeping the public in the dark. Instead the media is running the Democrat Party’s talking points that this is about birth control. It’s not. The second explanation is trustworthiness of a poll conducted by CBS-New York Times – two far left organizations.
The Ticket reported:

It’s not even close: By a lopsided margin of 66 percent to 26 percent, Americans support President Barack Obama’s proposal to require private health insurance plans to cover the full cost of birth control for women, according to a new CBS/New York Times public opinion poll.

Rephrasing the question to ask specifically about “religiously affiliated employers, such as a hospital or university,” barely moved the needle, to 61 percent to 31 percent.

Those numbers, which come with a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points, are better for Obama than his numbers on foreign policy (50 percent approve, 36 percent disapprove), Afghanistan in particular (51 percent approve, 36 percent disapprove) and are nearly the mirror image of public opinion on his handling of the federal budget deficit, where he loses 32 percent to 59 percent.

National polls can understate the political danger of a given issue. Congressional Democrats fretted last week that the firestorm could cost them dearly among blue-collar voters, especially Catholics., in states like Pennsylvania. Some Democrats complained privately that the
“culture war” clash drowned out the positive news about the economy.

Don’t believe this poll for a second. In another recent poll Rasmussen found that 59% of Catholics disapprove of Obama’s performance.


Despite the corrupt media spin, when Americans are properly informed, they will not support assault on the Christian faith.

UPDATE: A new CNN poll finds that despite the spin from the media Americans oppose Obama’s assault on religion 50-44 percent.

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