Nancy Pelosi Lauds Obama’s Former Commie Green Czar: “A Leader of the Future”

Nancy Pelosi told democrats self-described communist Van Jones is “the leader of the future.”
She’s probably right.

Nancy Pelosi lauds Obama’s former commie green czar Van Jones as “a leader of the future.”
SF Gate reported:

Van Jones, the former Obama Administration green czar who resigned in controversy, appears on the fast track to a political comeback — emerging as a star at this weekend’s California Democratic convention and lauded by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi as a “leader of the future.”

Jones, who as head of an activist group called “Rebuild the Dream” has become a leading voice of the Occupy movement, was given the star speaking slot to address hundreds at the kickoff Friday night reception here sponsored by state party chair John Burton.

To the cheers of the grassroots activists, Jones endorsed a “millionaires’ tax” as a means of firing up younger voters in the 2012 election, saying “that will get their attention.”

While Jones didn’t specify if he was referring to a specific ballot initiative titled the “Millionaire’s Tax,” or the general idea of taxing the top 1 percent income earners, he argued that under-30 voters critical to Democratic successes in 2012 will find appealing “the idea that the people that already climbed that ladder (of success) will give something back.”

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