Months After They Were Caught Crapping in the Cathedral #Occupy St. Paul Protesters Are Finally Evicted

For months the anti-capitalist Obama-endorsed criminals have been camping at St. Paul’s Catedral in London.

And, how did the #Occupy protesters thank their hosts?
By crapping inside the cathedral.

Anti-capitalist protesters were served with an eviction notice by the City of London Corporation last week. (Daily Mail)

The leftist protesters crapped in the west portico entrance and inside the cathedral on several occasions.


Last night the goons were finally evicted from St. Paul’s. 20 arrests were made.
AFP reported:

Police tore down the anti-capitalist camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral in London Tuesday, arresting 20 people as they brought a swift end to the last major Occupy protest around the world.

Dozens of police officers and bailiffs moved in shortly after midnight Monday and within hours the encampment, which sprung up in October in support of similar actions in the United States and Spain, was cleared.

However, about 60 tents remained pitched at a square a short walk from St Paul’s which has acted as an overspill area for the past four months.

The protesters vowed to continue their fight, saying: “This is only the beginning.”

Fifty to 60 activists were present when the authorities arrived to enforce a High Court-ordered eviction, and a lone piper heralded the camp’s demise.

The City of London Corporation had urged activists to dismantle their tents peacefully but some hastily erected barriers of wooden pallets and let off smoke bombs in an attempt to stall the clearance.

A handful of protesters were reported to have handcuffed themselves to a makeshift wooden structure, but the rest of the site was reduced to a pile of old mattresses and tents within two hours.

Good riddance.

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