Mitt Romney Wins Nevada Caucuses – Has Smaller Percentage of Vote Than in 2008

Mitt Romney won the Nevada Caucuses tonight – with 8% reporting Romney has 41% of the vote.
In 2008 he won 52% of the vote.

Newt Gingrich came in second and won a majority of the tea party voters.

Coulter is on FOX News saying she hopes the primary ends soon and Romney wins so we can come back together.
She continues to push the notion that Romney is conservative.


UPDATE: With 21% reporting Romney has 39% and Newt is at 27% .

UPDATE: With 31% reporting Mitt has 43% and Newt is at 26% .

UPDATE: Meanwhile Romney tries to cut off Newt’s funding.

UPDATE (Sunday Morning): With 71% reporting Mitt has 47% and Newt has 22% .
Fewer people turned out this year than in 2008.

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