Michelle Obama: “Every Day I Hear About How Folks Are Struggling” …(But It Didn’t Stop Her From Taking 16 Vacations)

She cares. She really cares.

Michelle Obama tours medieval Spanish town of Ronda in 2010.

Michelle Obama told an audience of supporters last night, “Everyday, I hear about how the folks are suffering.”
But, so far, it hasn’t stopped her from taking a record 16 vacations in 3 years.
CNS News reported, via Lucianne:

Every day, I hear about how folks are struggling — the bills they’re trying to pay; the businesses they’re trying to keep afloat. I hear about how folks are taking that extra shift, they’re working that extra job, they’re doing whatever they have to — they’re saving, they’re sacrificing, never spending a dime on themselves because they desperately want something better for their kids.

“And make no mistake about it, these struggles that I’m talking about, these are not new. For decades now — decades — middle-class folks have been squeezed from all sides. See, the cost of things like gas, groceries, tuition — prices continuing to rise, but people’s paychecks just haven’t kept up. And when this economic crisis hit, for far too many families the bottom just completely fell out.”

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