Media Matters Tied to MoveOn and ACORN – Funded By Tides Foundation

Last year it was revealed that the Tides Foundation and George Soros were tied to the #Occupy criminal movement and Indymedia.

The Tides Foundation is also tied to the radical MoveOn organization and ACORN.
WND reported:

One of the single largest donors to the embattled Media Matters for America is a controversial far-left clearinghouse that funds groups like, ACORN and a litany of antiwar organizations, KleinOnline has learned.

The organization in question, the Tides Foundation, is funded in part by billionaire George Soros, himself a prominent Media Matters donor.

Tides functions as a money tunnel where major leftist donors provide large sums that are channeled to hundreds of radical groups.

Tides documentation reviewed by KleinOnline shows the group provided a total of $4,099,935.62 to Media Matters during the fiscal years of 2004-2009.

During that same time period, Tides provided an additional $110,000 to the Media Matters Action Network, the group’s affiliated progressive lobby.

The Tides Foundation funding to Media Matters was most significant during the progressive news organization’s startup year in 2004, when Tides granted it $2,165,496.62.

In 2005, Tides sent another $1,074,453.76 to Media Matters.

The years 2006 and 2007 saw smaller Tides donations of $56,223.00 and $38,225.00 respectively.

In 2008, a significant Tides donation of $659,500.00 came in to Media Matters, with another $ 106,038.00 in 2009.

In 2010, the Tides Center expressed public support for Media Matters when the media group stepped up its activism against Fox News by posting a Web page dedicated to anti-Fox material along with an online petition that asks Fox’s advertisers to “Drop Fox.” At the time Tides chief executive and founder, Drummond Pike, endorsed Media Matters’ campaign.

Media Matters already admitted to taking $1 million directly from Soros. The billionaire has donated over $7 million to Tides over the years.

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