LA Progressives Hold Rally Against Iran War & US Imperialism (Video)

US progressive groups including #Occupy LA held protests yesterday against a war with Iran. The group is against US warmongering and imperialist policies.

Press TV reported:

Hundreds of demonstrators are gathering in Los Angeles for a “No War on Iran” rally.

Activists are calling for an end to intervention, sanctions, and assassinations.

The protest is part of a National Day of Action.

The call is sponsored by Occupy Los Angeles, along with scores of progressive and anti-war organizations.

Mike Prysner is an Iraq War veteran and an organizer with the Answer Coalition.

Prysner says protesters want to stop America from starting another unauthorized war in the Middle East, similar to what happened in Iraq.

Activists say the war drive is based on U.S. imperialism and a desire to control the resources of the Middle East.

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