Jan Brewer Skewers Chuck Schumer Over Senate Hearing Stunt: “He’s Posteuring… It’s a Publicity Stunt & Self-Serving” (Video)

Governor Jan Brewer (R-AZ) blasted far left Senator Chuch Schumer (D-NY) today on FOX and Friends over his recent invite to appear before a senate dog and pony show on illegal immigration.

“I think he’s posteuring, of course. I think it’s ridiculous that he would ask me the day before we have the bill heard in the Supreme Court. For what? There’s nothing they’re going to do. The Supreme Court will be the ultimate decision. And he obviously knows what the issue is. Why didn’t he hold these hearings earlier? Why didn’t the Congress step up and do something? Why didn’t they help Arizona and the border states and America. And at the last minute now they want all this show-and-tell stuff. I think it’s more or less a publicity stunt and self-serving.”

Don’t hold back, Governor Brewer. Don’t hold back.

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