Indonesian Artist Attacked at Peaceful Protest Against Religious Violence

Bramantyo Prijosusilo is rescued by police after he was attacked at a peace rally. (Jakarta Globe)

Indonesian artist Bramantyo Prijosusilo was attacked by Islamists at a peaceful rally against peaceful violence.
The Jakarta Globe reported, via ROP:

An Indonesian artist is the latest person to fall victim to hard-line religious organizations after he was attacked during a peaceful protest outside the headquarters of Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia’s office in Yogyakarta on Wednesday.

Bramantyo Prijosusilo, an East Java-based artist and journalist who has published a number of opinion pieces in the Jakarta Globe, was attacked by dozens of MMI members and supporters during a perfomance piece titled ‘Membanting Macan Kerah’.

Bramantyo told the Globe the performance was intended to inspire people to fight against radicalism, anarchy, intimidation and violence.

He said his glasses were broken in the attack but his injuries were not serious.

The MMI — once headed by convicted terrorist Abu Bakar Bashir before he was ousted in a power struggle — has filed blasphemy charges against the artist and called on him to apologize.

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