Hillary Clinton Praises Yemen’s Democratic Elections …(10 Dead & Only 1 Candidate)

Hillary Clinton praised Yemen’s historic elections yesterday.
“It’s another important step forward in their [Yemen’s] democratic transition process.”

Yeah. Great election… 10 people dead and only one candidate.

Hillary is not having the best week. First the green shirt gaffe at the G-20, now this. (ABC)

Arutz Sheva reported:


Yemeni electoral officials Wednesday were still counting votes after Tuesday’s presidential poll in which the nation’s interim leader was the only candidate.

Vice President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi is expected to be rubber stamped in an election that ends the 33-year reign of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Electoral officials in Yemen say that turnout in Tuesday’s vote reached 60 per cent nationwide, but in the south, where ten people were killed in clashes between separatists and police, turnout was far lower…

…US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hailed the vote as “another important step forward in their [Yemen’s] democratic transition process.”

“The election sends a clear message that the people of Yemen are looking forward to a brighter democratic future,” she said, pledging Washington would “continue to support Yemen” in its “urgent economic, social and humanitarian challenges.”

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