Whoa… Barack Obama Is Even Underwater in Washington State

Whoa. Even Washington State is fed up with Barack Obama. The latest poll finds that even Washington State is in play this year.
Don Surber reported on the Survey USA poll at the Daily Mail:

A Survey USA poll for KING-TV in Seattle of 650 registered voters showed Barack Obama is in trouble in the Evergreen State on this Washington’s Birthday weekend.

President Obama’s approval/disapproval is 42%/47% and he has a gender gap in which most men disapprove of the job he is doing.

The survey asked: “Overall, has Barack Obama been a better president than you expected? A worse president than you expected? Or, the same as you expected?”

18% said better — 43% said worse.

And it is the economy, stupid. This poll shows once again that the Surber Rule — talk about the economy and nothing but the economy — is the most valid political advice in 2012.

Obama gets 56% disapproval on his handling of the economy — and 58% disapproval of his handling of the federal deficit.

More… Obama also trails three of four candidates in Iowa.

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