Gingrich Says He’ll Stay in GOP Race After Tonight’s Result?

More Newt bashing?
The Washington Times reported today that Gingrich will stay in the race tonight after his expected second place finish in Nevada.

Newt Gingrich will stay in the Republican presidential nomination contest despite an expected loss to Mitt Romney in Saturday’s Nevada caucuses, the former speaker told The Washington Times late Saturday afternoon.

“We had excellent fundraising meetings and calls yesterday,” Mr. Gingrich said. “Super Tuesday and beyond look good.”

The Georgia native thus dispelled rumors circulating in the press that his campaign had scheduled a press conference for late Saturday, after the results were in from the Nevada caucuses.

“We will probably be a solid second here with [Rick] Santorum in last place,” Mr. Gingrich said, while acknowledging indirectly that attracting donors and voters in sufficient force to overtake Mr. Romney will be a challenge in the coming weeks.

Well yeah?
Why would he quit tonight?

The GOP establishment wanted Newt to drop out after Florida, too.

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